Best Nonslip Diabetic Socks

Did you know only the best nonslip diabetic socks protect your feet from friction and blisters? This article will help you understand why nonslip diabetic socks are a must-have, and how they protect you from injuries around the soles. You will also learn how these socks protect a diabetic patient from slipping on the floor. Finally, you will get to know the best nonslip diabetes socks.

Why Nonslip Diabetic Socks

As a diabetic patient, you can wear nonslip socks to improve traction among diabetes patients. The diabetic patient keeps their feet warm and minimize the chances of foot injuries when they wear these customized socks. Most diabetic patients are also hypertensive. Patients with diabetes and hypertension are therefore likely to have damaged nervous systems. When your nerves are impaired, you are likely to have reduced foot sensation in the soles. These socks increase the traction in the soles hence protecting them from sliding on the floor.

Who Can Wear These Socks?

Not all diabetic patients require these socks. Anyone who does not have foot problems can use regular non-binding socks that are cozy. So, patients can use still these socks during lengthy travel. In this case, the lengthy travel could be by train, air, and road. This is because they are prone to foot swelling due to reduced blood circulation. Diabetic patients who can use these socks include:

  • Those that have sweaty and moist feet.
  • Patients that have changes in skin color, irritation, nerve damage, fungal infection, and or blisters.
  • Diabetic patients that have reduced pedal pulse.

After having a complete idea of the importance of these socks, the next step is the identification of the socks that fits you. Here are some of the best nonslip diabetes socks:

1.Weitzner Non Slip Diabetic Socks

Both men and women can benefit from these socks. Moreover, you can pull and remove them easily. They are warm and soft. You can wear these socks when going to work and when going to sleep. They are made of cotton and are breathable.


Ankle black with grips

Crew grey with grips

Black with grips

Crew white with grips

What about The Size?

Size 13-15 for men’s shoe size 9-13

Size 9-11 for women’s shoe size 5-10

Why Weitzner Socks

These socks have a skid resistance layer along the soles for a better grip.

Physicians have approved the socks. Diabetic, edema, and neuropathy patients can therefore wear them without any fear.

Have a loose non-binding top that hence does not interfere with your blood circulatory system.

2. Falari Nonslip Diabetic Socks

This is another set of exciting socks that diabetes patients can benefit from. The socks come in pairs depending on the number of socks that suits you. For instance, you can get them in 6 pairs, 8 pairs, and 12 pairs. The socks are recommendable to patients that have diabetes, circulatory problems, neuropathy, and edema.


Falari socks are available in:

  • White color
  • Brown color
  • Black amongst many more colors


  • 9-11 for women whose shoe size is 5-10.
  • 6-8 for men whose shoe size is 36-41.
  • 10-13 for women whose shoe size is 10-13.

Why Falari Nonslip Diabetic Socks 

They are approved by the physician and are 90% Cotton 7% Polyester and 3% Elastane.

Patients with diabetes, neuropathy, and edema can wear these socks since they are easy to wear and have loose-fit tops. The loose-fit top allows your blood to flow uninterrupted.

The presence of anti-slip grippers along the soles of the socks provides a grip while walking or running on slick surfaces such as tile floors.

Falari nonslip socks also:

  • Can also be used by the elderly.
  • Perfect for travel.
  • Can be worn while performing activities such as yoga and Pilates.

3. Hugh Ugoli Non-Slip Diabetes Socks

Hugh Ugoli socks are tailored to maximize traction and minimize the chances of slipping while walking or running. As a diabetic patient, you can wear them for hours without any feeling of foot discomfort. The socks give your feet a silky feeling and keep your feet relaxed. The product also gives you a breathable feeling. The socks are 80% cotton, 17% Polyamide, and 3% Elastane. The socks are ideal for both men and women.


There is a variety of colors which include black, white, grey, and green.


  • 8-11 and 11-13 for both men and women.

Why Hugh Nonslip Diabetes Socks

The socks give you maximum grip while walking or running.

The elderly, pregnant, and those with edema can also wear them.

Patients that have other problems such as neuropathy, or swollen ankle can also benefit from these socks.

4.Best Nonslip Diabetic SocksMediPeds

This is another superb brand that has a non-binding top and a cushioned sole. This is to protect your soles from blisters and injuries. What makes this brand special is its CoolMax technology that keeps your feet warm and dry. CoolMax is a polyester fiber that’s moisture-wicking and environmentally friendly. Through the use of Lycra spandex, chances of slipping while walking are slim.


They are available in:


And white colors.


They are available in sizes 9-12.

Why You Need MediPeds Nonslip Diabetes Socks

These socks are made from recycled textile waste and are therefore friendly to the environment.

The socks are available for all genders.

You will experience comfort and warmth in these brands.

Have stretch fiber that fits you without interfering with your blood circulation.

Also, come with a smooth toe seam that reduces pressure points.

5. Best Nonslip Diabetic SocksNova Yard

These socks will ensure your feet remain firmly planted on the floor so you don’t slip on the floor. They can be used by those who are diabetic, pregnant women, and those who have edema. They are woven from a high-quality blend of yarn.


These stocks are available in black, grey, and white.


  • 9-11 for women whose shoe size is 5-10.
  • 6-8 for men whose shoe size is 36-41.
  • 10-13 for women whose shoe size is 10-13.

Why These Nonslip Diabetic Socks 

These socks are long-lasting due to the high-quality blend of yarn.

They have an absorbent fabric that wicks away moisture from your feet and prevents the build-up of sweat.

Nova yard socks can be used for boosting yoga performance, Pilates, gym, dance, and barrel.


Since most diabetes patients have a damaged nervous system they are required to protect themselves from slipping on the surface. In this case, these are the best nonslip diabetes socks that diabetic patients need that ensure their firmness on the ground while walking: Weitzner nonslip diabetic socks, Falari socks, Hugh Ugoli, MediPeds, and Nova yard socks.


What are nonslip diabetic socks?

Nonslip diabetic socks are specially designed socks that offer grip and traction on the sole to prevent slipping or sliding on smooth surfaces.

Why are nonslip diabetic socks important for individuals with diabetes?

People with diabetes are more prone to foot complications due to issues like neuropathy (nerve damage) and reduced blood circulation.

Are nonslip diabetic socks suitable for all foot sizes?

Most manufacturers offer nonslip diabetic socks in various sizes to accommodate different foot shapes and lengths.

Can I wear nonslip diabetic socks with shoes?

Yes, you can wear nonslip diabetic socks with shoes, but it’s essential to choose the right type of shoes that provide adequate support and protection for your feet.