Nutrient therapy

Can Nutrient Therapy Boost Your Energy?

Did you know that nutrient therapy can boost your energy? Before we get to understand how nutrient therapy boosts your energy, let us first get to know what nutrient therapy is and why many people fail to live a healthy lifestyle. We will also know what happens when you visit your doctor in case you want to boost your energy. One thing that we can all agree on is that living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. This is because many people set the wrong goals.

That is, people formulate targets that are not specific and hence end up not achieving the desired outcome. For example, many people fail to differentiate between being healthy and losing weight. Being healthy is a general statement while losing weight for one to be healthy is more specific. Therefore, breaking big goals down will give you good clarity on what you want to achieve.

Nutrient therapy also known as IV vitamin drip/treatment is the administration of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals using an intravenous process. It is a type of therapy that has been in existence since the 1970s and it is intended to help patients with depression, heart diseases, and chronic fatigue. Nutrient therapy is popular thanks to its celebrity following. For instance, Chrissy Teigen posted a picture of herself on Instagram while receiving the shot. Other celebs that have also received IV shots include Adele, Rihanna, John Legend, and Simon Cowell.

What happens when You Visit Your Doctor?

The first thing that the doctor will need to have is your medical history. The doctor will then recommend a specific blend of nutrients. He will then administer the nutrient concentration into your body intravenously. Therefore, the body receives a good concentration of minerals and vitamins. Nutrients and vitamins are then delivered into the cells and assimilated into the body’s metabolism. Taking nutrients via IV enables one to bypass the mouth esophagus and the intestine. This means that nutrients are readily available for usage in the body.

Here is how nutrient therapy boosts your energy:

1. Boosting your energy through detoxification

Detoxification involves removing toxins. Detoxification seeks to address the needs of individual cells and allows toxins to be eliminated from the lungs, kidney, intestines, skin, and lymphatic system. Toxins can create undesirable side effects if not eliminated. Some of these side effects include fatigue, nausea, and headache. The intravenous detoxification procedure involves the introduction of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins into the body. This is to eliminate harmful materials from your system.

The procedure can also treat nutrient deficiencies. Unlike oral administration intravenous procedure of minerals and vitamins enables a patient to get 10 times more nutrients. Through IV nutrient therapy the body is protected against diseases. When the body’s immune system is strong, your energy levels also improve. Here are the various therapies used in the detoxification process:

  • Energizer detoxification-This one increases stamina and is ideal for athletes and those who want to exercise.
  • Hydration therapy-This form of therapy entails improving the skin texture and removing the wrinkles.
  • Antioxidant therapy-This one uses amino acids to stimulate the body’s antioxidants.
  • Chelation therapy-This therapy removes toxic metals from the body to prevent you from getting a chronic illness.
  • In addiction recovery therapy-Through therapy amino acids and minerals are infused to restructure and remodel cells damaged by alcohol.

IV detoxification is ideal for those who smoke, and those who live in areas with high-level pollutants. It is also recommended for those who work in companies that manufacture pesticides, and heavy metals. Moreover, detoxification therapy can also be of benefit to those suffering from a viral infection, facial aging, cardiovascular diseases, and migraines. Through the removal of harmful toxins, your body system is boosted and it is free from diseases.

 2. Boosting your energy Through weight loss

Burning excess calories is not easy. One is required to exercise and be on a specific diet to have the desired weight. Through nutrient therapy; one can be able to lose weight very easily without doing extraneous workouts. IV treatment for weight loss is tailored to help you lose excess fat. Since your body metabolism slows down over time, nutrient therapy counteracts this slowdown. This is through the provision of a formulated blend of energy and metabolism-boosting vitamins in the body Therefore, the formulae contain a blend of minerals, lipotropic, and vitamins. It also contains energy-boosting ingredients such as B-Complex vitamins and vitamin C that also help in fighting fatigue. This formula is the one that accelerates metabolism by breaking down fat and hence burning calories. When calories are burnt, the metabolism is boosted at the cellular level.

Why Lipotropics Supplements?

These supplements enable the body to break down fat and prevent the building up of fat in the liver. This helps the body to eliminate excess fat.

Nutrient therapy also provided the body with the necessary hydration to keep your body in a healthy condition by shedding unwanted calories.

Pros of the IV weight Loss drips

  • Improves the circulatory system.
  • Encourages muscle build-up and growth.
  • Burning of calories more easily.
  • It gives you energy.
  • Speeding up metabolism and converting food into energy.


  • IV nutrient therapy weight loss does not replace your healthy eating regimen.
  • It may not work as a nutritive substitute.
  • It cannot act as a remedy for metabolic disorders.
  • It cannot modify your sedentary lifestyle.

3. By reducing your stress level

A person experiencing episodes of stress is also likely to have insomnia, irritability, headache, anxiety high blood pressure. Additionally, your energy also decreases. Stress can make someone lose focus and be unmotivated. If you have experienced such symptoms, do not worry. Nutrient therapy (intravenous therapy) is here to help you reduce your stress level and also boost your energy. This form of therapy contains vitamin B complex and the mineral magnesium.

This form of therapy has ingredients that improve your energy level and your mental status as you do carry out your daily activities. These nutrients help the body to be more balanced. Therefore, the components reverse the effect of exhaustion and make someone feel better. The absence of these vital elements in the brain is what makes one vulnerable to stress whenever there is a trigger.

Pros of stress IV Reliever

  • This formula helps you manage your stress which is the ultimate goal.
  • It can help one to find the motivation to perform tasks.
  • It enhances your personal and works productivity.
  • Improve your well-being.


  • Like any other type of nutrient therapy, this therapy cannot modify your sedentary lifestyle.
  • It may also not work as a remedy for metabolic disorders.

4. Treatment of hangover symptoms

Anyone who takes alcohol can tell you that a hangover is annoying and also painful. A hangover can make you not perform at your workplace. Some of these hangovers include:

  • Headache
  • Dehydration
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Nausea
  • Brain fog
  • Stomach pain

Thanks to nutrient therapy, these hangovers can be treated through a single shot of nutrient therapy. The IV therapy focuses on replenishing water that is lost after heavy drinking the previous night. The mixture used in this therapy contains electrolytes. These electrolytes are in the form of sodium chloride and help in relieving symptoms of dehydration, thirst, and fatigue.

The IV therapy can be delivered in the form of:

Vitamin B 12-This vitamin is difficult to replenish and is normally lost when someone consumes alcohol. It is also a vitamin that’s difficult to ingest but when taken intravenously the lost one is replaced hence, resulting in the restoration of energy

Vitamin complex alcohol is diuretic and it can lead to the loss of various nutrients in the body. Loss of nutrients such as vitamin B complex may leave you feeling foggy and tired. The administration of this vitamin is aimed at restoring the lost energy.

IV fluids-consumption of alcohol can suppress anti-diuretic hormone which absorbs your fluid back into your body. Through nutrient therapy, the lost fluids together with the electrolytes are replaced hence replenishing the lost energy.

Vomiting medicines-Alcohol consumption can cause inflammation in the stomach. This can lead to the formation of pancreatic secretions and a gastric acid which makes one feel like vomiting. This therapy aims at obstructing the delivery of a message to the brain. This prevents you from vomiting and loss of energy.

Improving athlete performance

All athletes require energy boosters since a lot of it is required while they are on the field. IV nutrient therapy works in many ways in terms of boosting the energy of athletes. The first way that nutrient therapies do is to improve the performance of the athlete’s strength. This involves boosting the level of vitamins and minerals that are used up during exercise. The second way is by reducing athlete fatigue. This is aimed at shortening the required time for an athlete to bounce back after doing workouts. During the administration of IV nutrient therapy, three nutrient therapies are involved namely:

  • Myers cocktail. Myers cocktail contains calcium vitamins and magnesium. It is recommended to anybody healthy and in need of boosting the energy level in the body. For many years this therapy has been used by those being treated for various medical conditions.
  • Glutathione IV Glutathione can be produced naturally and is mostly derived from the food that you eat. Its main function is to protect from the ravages of aging, building strengthening the immune systems hence boosting your energy levels.
  • Performance booster. If you are a sports person then this therapy is meant for you. This booster IV contains calcium and magnesium which are required for muscle function.

6. Other ways that nutrient therapy boosts your energy.

Through Treatment of Nutrient Deficiency

Nutrient therapy, can serve as a remedy for nutrient deficiencies. Preparing a nutritious meal may not be of help to a patient who cannot eat on their own. This therapy is ideal for those patients that are very sick and have difficulties eating. Diseases that can make one lose vital vitamins in the body include colon cancer, celiac cancer, bowel problems, and Crohn’s disease.

People suffering from these conditions tend to lose or even lack important nutrients since they have feeding problems. For instance, a patient receiving cancer treatment may develop a painful mouth condition that may make the patient not feed orally. If one is sick the body tends to use more nutrients than usual. This puts the patient at risk of suffering from nutrient deficiency. Nutrient therapy benefits such patients since the procedure involved during administration bypasses digestive systems. The nutrient constituent is administered into the bloodstream directly. This therapy ensures that you boost your nutrient levels which in turn boost your energy.

By boosting your immunity

Your immunity system is important since it protects you from external invaders. Some of these external invaders include toxins, fungi, and bacteria. Additionally, if your immunity is not strong you have the likelihood of contracting diseases. The IV nutrient therapy aims at increasing your level of minerals and vitamins. These two components are very important in fighting external invaders. The IV nutrient therapy ensures that your immune system performs as it is supposed to through the provision of immune boosters.

These immune boosters are vitamin B6, folic acid, selenium, and zinc. Vitamin B6 is responsible for fighting against diseases while selenium reduces the risk of getting cancer. On the other hand, zinc helps in metabolic processes in the body and digestion. One critical aspect of an IV nutrient booster is that it’s fast. It is also very effective and has no side effects and absorption issues. All the ingredients contained in this IV therapy are carefully formulated and intended to boost your energy levels.

In conclusion, nutrient (IV therapy) therapy can boost your energy by detoxifying your body, through weight loss, reducing your stress level, and treatment of hangovers. The other ways that nutrient therapy boosts your energy levels are by treating nutrient deficiencies, improving athlete performance, and boosting your immunity.