Cost of Getting Lean

Getting lean and having that physically attractive body is something that is admired by many people. But the question is, do you know the cost of getting lean? Before we get to understand the cost of getting lean, let us first get to know what it takes to be lean. One thing that we all need to know is that there are some dishonest advertisers out there selling weight loss products.

These people are willing to do anything and everything to sell their fake products. Additionally, you should also fall victim to the usual advice that says getting cuts takes requires vigorous runs, a diet composed of salads, and endless sits ups. Therefore, if you want to achieve your fitness goal, it is advisable to do it the right way.
This cost of getting lean is therefore determined by the type of exercise, professional guidance involved during the workout, and the type of machine or equipment you use. This will ensure that you healthily achieve your fitness goal. However, with the workout machine and equipment, it will not cost you much when getting lean. This is because there are proven machines and fitness gear that one can get at an affordable price. This includes:

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Do you want a machine that will give value to your money as far as the cost of getting lean is concerned? If your answer is yes then the Concept 2 model machine is a must-have machine. This machine set the standard for indoor rowing machines. It is manufactured by rowers and it is designed for all. It is also ideal for those that want to control their weight. This machine boasts a powerful performance monitor which has Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a device holder just in case you have a Smartphone or a tablet. The machine is easy to maintain and it is available either with tall legs or the standard.


As much as the rawer is large (8 ft x 2 fits), it is very easy to assemble. The whole process of assembly takes not more than 30 minutes.
The machine also has inbuilt wheels that enhance mobility.
It also has a backlit LCD and an adjustable footrest
The rower machine can be customized to offer a variety of workouts its damper control systems.


The machine is slightly expensive.
The machine is long and has a large footprint.
Cost of Getting Lean Using Fan Bikes
Are you looking for ways to get a great body workout? Look no more because the fan bike is here to give you exactly that. The most interesting thing about this bike is that you can do your workout right in your living room. This means that you do not need to worry about the rainy season or even think of paying the gym instructor to train you. Compared to other stationary bikes, a fan bike uses air. A fan bike otherwise referred to as an air bike uses air as resistance. Therefore, it’s easy to use the bike because it is not complicated.

Types of Fan Bikes

The different types of fan bikes include:

1. The Assault Air Bike Elite

This one focuses on air bikes and treadmills. It uses spinning fans to create resistance when doing your workouts. The bike is easy to assemble and has a very comfortable seat. However, the bike is slightly expensive.

2. XTERRA Fitness AIR Bike Pro

This bike is suitable for the general population. It has an LCD performance monitor that tracks your speed, distance, and time. The bike has multi-position handlebars adjustable seats and a moving amber. It is also easy to use and durable. The only challenge this bike has is that it cannot be folded when stored.

3. Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike

This bike is made of 14 gauge steel tubing and hence making it very strong. It has an LCD screen to track your time, speed, and also calories. It has adjustable seats, a computer display, and an LCD monitor. The only challenge with this bike is that it’s only designed for beginners only.

4. Octane Fitness Airdyne ADX Fan Bike

This fitness bike is a 26-blade performance fan. It has a single-stage belt for smooth motion as you do your physical activities. What’s more, this fan bike is battery-powered and is coated with steel.

3. Simple Fitness Steel Parallettes

Steel Parallettes types of equipment are commonly used by athletes because they are friendly to the wrist. Parallettes are mostly preferred when doing handstand exercises, pushups, or when doing a frog stand on the floor. Since there are many types of Parallettes one should be keen to buy only those with wooden parallel bars. Wooden parallel bars are recommended because they have a good grip. The metal bars are also recommended since they provide stability when doing your training. The grips should have a diameter of 40mm for the trainee to be comfortable and safe.

Which Parallel Bars are The Best For Getting Lean?

Here are the different types of Parallettes that one can use when exercising:

1. Cost of Getting Lean With Mini Parallettes

Mini Parallettes suit home workouts since they are small and handy.
With mini Parallettes one can do pushups L-sits frog stand and also planche leans.

2. Low Parallettes

These are mostly used by professional athletes. This is because low Parallettes are only 10cm above the ground and hence very stable. Therefore one can do exercises such as handstand, frog stand, and L-sits.

3. Medium Parallettes

Medium Parallettes are 30cm high. They are recommended for different types of exercises such as push ups, L-sits, Deep Handstand push ups, and Elbow Levers.

4. High Parallettes

The high Parallettes are also recommended for your home workout. One can perform exercises such as body weight rows and front levers.

Pros of Parallettes

They are easy to use when doing arm balances.
They are also very stable when doing your workout.
Have shoulder stability.


When doing workouts using Parallettes one is likely to have soreness in your fingers.

4. Cos of Getting Lean With Stair Climber Machine

Many people may not like this machine since it has some sets of stairs that never end. However, this is one of the best machines that will get the help you get lean within no time. The machine is ideal for cardio workouts and lower-body workouts. When using this machine you are assured of burning your calories along the butts, quads, and hamstrings. Moreover, when climbing the stairs your body weight goes to the legs hence the energy expenditure is very high. This enhances the build-up of leg muscles and at the same time increases your basal metabolic rate.


When using this machine one is assured of having strong bones.
It engages your core muscles.
A stair climber is preferred for cardiovascular workouts.


It can be boring as one climbs never-ending stairs.
It is not ideal for people with problems in the soft tissues or bones.

5. Cost of getting Lean with Treadmill Machine

For the last few years, personal fitness has been a top priority for many people across the globe. The cost of getting lean will not be a bother once you acquire this machine. You will not only get that nice shape that you have dreamt of but also have value for your money. You only need to spare some space either in your basement or the living room.
The type of treadmill may also determine the cost of getting lean. This is because different treadmills cost differently depending on the make and usage. There are different types of the treadmill which include:

1. Manual

These are readily available since they are cheap. They are also recommended for home usage since they are safe to use. Most of the manual treadmills are foldable such that if you live in small house storage won’t be an issue.

2. Commercial

Commercial treadmills have an inbuilt horsepower that is structured for a commercial gym setting. They are fitted with an interactive digital screen, motor incline setting, cushion running the desk, and a heart rate monitor. Commercial treadmills are also recommended for home use but they are slightly expensive.

3. Motorized

These treadmills require power for them to work and have an automatic power setting compared to manual treadmills. Motorized treadmills have LCDs, and offer a range of speeds. Motorized treadmills are also large and are not foldable. Therefore, their storage at home might be challenging due to the limited space.

4. Hybrid

Hybrid treadmills are durable. These treadmills are not very common because they are slightly more expensive compared to other treadmills. Therefore, the cost of getting lean may go up due to the high charges incurred at the gym using this machine.

5. Medical

These treadmills allow users to walk or run at a lower percentage of body weight.  Patients in rehabilitation centres mostly use this machine. Through the medical treadmill, doctors can be able to know and diagnose heart diseases.

6. Other pieces of equipment that can help you get lean

The cost of getting lean may vary if one decides to exercise using types of equipment other than machines. These types of equipment include:

1. Cost of getting lean with TRX Suspension Training Kit

Since your body mass is concentrated above your hips, exercising using this equipment displaces your central body mass. This activates your musculature during the workout hence stabilizing and functionally balancing your body. Suspension kits are convenient and very cheap.

2.Sportsroyal Power Tower

The cost of getting lean can never be discussed without mentioning this superb equipment. This equipment is not as big as other types of equipment but it will give you value for your money. This equipment weighs 400lbs, it also comes with an adjustable backrest and adjustable height.

3. RBX Weight Training Slam Ball

This is a weighted medicine ball. This tool when used correctly increases your stability and balance. The grooved rubber provides maximum grip even when your hands sweat. The equipment helps you build your strength and it’s ideal for home use. It is equipment that will reduce the cost of getting lean since it is readily available and not expensive.

4. Cap Barbell Pair Push Ups Bars

This equipment has a hard rubber footpad that enhances stability. It comes with slip-resistant foam-covered handles that ensure that you are comfortable while doing your workouts. This tool is designed to improve your positioning when doing push ups. The equipment is easy to use and cost-effective.

5. Cost of Getting Lean With Gym Reapers Ab Straps

This equipment is mostly preferred for those who want to strengthen their abdomen. Both men and women use this amazing machine during workouts. It has a set of adjustable arm support and padding. It can be used at the gym and also at home. The equipment is ideal for building muscles around the abdomen.

6. Prosource Fit Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

This equipment gives you value for your money in terms of service as far as the cost of getting lean is concerned. That is, the equipment helps you build muscles at home without using any other large equipment in the comfort of your home. The equipment is also portable and very easy to assemble.

7. Gaiam Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Those who don’t love the gym can count on Gaiam Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat. It is ideal for yoga and stretching. This mat is highly recommendable because it’s cheap, available, and comes in different types of colours and styles. Therefore the cost of getting lean will not be high since the mat is cheap. The mat is also very easy to clean.


Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine, Fan bikes, and Treadmill Machine can help you get fit after several sessions of workout. Other types of equipment necessary for exercise include a TRX Suspension training kit, Sports Royal Power Tower, RBX Weight Training Slam Ball, Gym reapers Ab Straps, and gym yoga. Therefore the cost of getting lean will depend on the cost of these machines and types of equipment.


What does “getting lean” mean?

“Getting lean” typically refers to reducing body fat and improving muscle definition to achieve a more toned and athletic physique.

Is getting lean the same as losing weight?

Not necessarily. While getting lean often involves losing body fat, it doesn’t always mean losing weight overall. The focus is on reducing fat while preserving or building muscle mass.

What are the benefits of getting lean?

Getting lean can have several benefits, including improved overall health, increased metabolic rate, better physical performance, enhanced muscle definition, increased energy levels, and improved self-confidence.

How long does it usually take to get lean?

The time it takes to get lean varies from person to person and depends on individual factors such as starting body composition, fitness level, nutrition, and consistency.