Nutrition for nursing mothers

Any mother who is nursing a young child can tell you that breastfeeding is coupled with lots of challenges. Mothers do not understand what they are supposed to eat while nursing their young ones. This is because parenting skills keep changing. Therefore, it is an art that you learn gradually from your friends, peers, and at times parents. Ultimately, you are likely to get either inaccurate information or wrong information. This article will look at what nursing mothers are supposed to take to boost breast milk production. In this article, you will learn the basic things that a nursing mother requires.

First thing first let’s get to understand the basic things that a nursing mother requires.

1. A nursing bra for nursing mothers nursing

This bra is critical for any breastfeeding mother because during the first weeks of breastfeeding your breast normally feels heavy and full. Such bras support your burst and can be unhooked easily anytime you want to breastfeed your child. These bras are also designed to fit well to reduce the susceptibility to mastitis.

2. Breast pump 

This pump is designed to collect milk to feed your young one. The collected milk can be used to feed the baby even when you are not there. The breast pump can also provide milk in case your baby is hospitalized or is in the ICU. It is also ideal in cases where your working schedule is tight such as most of the time you are in your workplace. Examples of breast pumps include a manual breast pump and an electric breast pump.

3. Nipple cream for nursing mothers

This cream is important for every mother who is breastfeeding. This is because at some point when you are nursing your young one you will experience a sore or a cracked nipple. Nursing mothers are likely to have cracked nipples immediately when they start breastfeeding. This cream is tailored to soothe, moisturize and heal the cracked nipple. Some of the common nipple creams are natural nipple cream and lanolin-based nipple cream.

4. Breastfeeding clothes for nursing mothers

Nursing mothers require clothes specifically for breastfeeding. Dresses and blouses that have slits in the front are ideal for breastfeeding. This is to ensure that a mother breastfeeds her baby comfortably without having to remove or pull anything. These clothes are available in shops and stores and come in a variety of styles ranging from casual wear to formal wear.

5. Storage bag for nursing mother

The storage bag is mostly used to store breast milk. The bag is designed to store breast milk for long without spoilage. The bag may also store food in a glass container. The storage bag is portable such that you don’t have to worry in case you’re traveling upcountry. The bag is also very affordable to the common man and it’s available in supermarkets and stores.

6. Breast pad for nursing mothers

This is a disc-like pad that you place inside the bra to soak milk that spills from your breast. Milk spill is a common phenomenon among the nursing mother which at times can be embarrassing. Therefore, this pad ensures that a nursing mother does not experience such challenges. It will ensure that your clothes are not soaked in breast milk in case it happens. The breast pad can be a disposable one or one that is reusable.

As you have seen, these are things that are very important as they make the breastfeeding process comfortable and enjoyable. The other thing that a nursing mother needs to put into consideration is her nutritional status. For her to produce milk that is of value to the child, she needs to feed. This does not mean a huge plate containing rice or a sandwich. She needs to have a balanced diet. Here is what a nursing mother should eat:

1.Food that contains protein for nursing mothers

As a breastfeeding mother, you should ensure that you eat at least three times a day. You can include nut butter, cheese, beans, and eggs on your plate. Proteins are necessary as they help in breaking amino acids. If you miss proteins this is what can happen:

  • Your legs are likely to swell.
  • You are also susceptible to infections and illness.
  • Have wounds that are not healing
  • Development of weak bones

2. Foods that contain calcium

On average your doctor might recommend about 1200g of calcium since most of it is drawn while breastfeeding. You can get calcium from these foods: cheese milk, soup, sardines, cheer seeds, and collard greens. Consumptions of food containing calcium guarantee you strong bones. Your teeth will also be strong. This is a mineral that is also required in blood clotting. Lack of this vital element can lead to:

  •  have weak bones
  • Episodes of convulsions
  • Cases of heart problems
  • And low bone mass

3. Iron for nursing mothers

This is another important mineral that a nursing mother requires. To get iron a nursing mother can eat food like fortified cereals, beans, eggs, and chicken. Iron is one of the components that form breast milk. It is also used in the transportation of oxygen in the mother’s body. Iron is required by the nursing mother since a big chunk of it may have been used in the pregnancy period. It is also ideal since most of it is lost during the menstruation period. Lack of this mineral could lead to:

  • Anemia
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • And body weakness

4. Consumption of omega 3 fatty acid

This is another important element that a nursing mother requires. Research has shown that omega 3 improves your eyesight whenever you include it in your diet. In particular, omega 3 reduces the chances of having eye problems such as molecular degeneration. Omega 3 is critical, especially in brain development of the brain of a toddler. Studies have also shown that children of mothers who take omega 3 acids while breastfeeding performed better at age 5 compared to mothers who did not.

Where can the nursing mothers get omega 3?

  • Cold liver oil
  • Oyster
  • Sardines
  • Chia seeds
  • Soybeans
  • Walnuts
  • Kidney beans

What happens when you miss omega 3 in your system?

  • You susceptible to depression
  • Chances of suffering from eye dry syndrome
  • You will have joint pain


A nursing mother is required to have items such as a nursing bra, Breast pump, Nipple cream, Breastfeeding cloths, Storage bag, and Breast pad. Additionally, a nursing mother requires food that contains proteins, calcium iron, and omega 3 acids.