Vitamin Brand List

Vitamin Brand List

Getting the right vitamin brand list can be challenging especially when you do not know where to shop. It can make you feel overwhelmed more so when you think about the huge inventory in the stores. However, finding these wonderful vitamin brands should not give you a headache. This article will help you understand how to identify the best vitamin brands. Also, you will get to appreciate some of the vitamin brands listed in the market.

How To identify These Vitamin Brand List

Before purchasing any vitamin brand, you need to consult your doctor first. Thereafter, he will examine you, run some tests and then recommend the vitamin that you require. Once your doctor advises you, do some research. Remember, you are doing research so to identify the best vitamin brand. Not all products sold out there are legit. So, you wouldn’t want vitamin brands full of additives and fillers or anything that would harm you.

Here are some of the things to consider while doing your research:

Check for Certification

Try to look for products that have third-party certification and those that have been validated through research. So, the certification talks volumes about a specific vitamin brand list.

Go For Specific ingredients

If want to benefit from a particular brand avoid vitamin brands that have unnecessary ingredients. For instance, you can opt to stay away from brands that have dangerous metals. Also, you can avoid products that have additives and hydrogenated fats.

Check The Prices of The Vitamin Brands

This is another thing that you need to check. Do not go for those cheap vitamin brands. So, check how various vitamin brands are selling a specific product. This can help you do a price estimate.

Visit The Website of The Vitamin Brand List

This is a strategy that can help you understand a particular vitamin from a broader perspective. You just need to put the name of the vitamin brand on the browser and then search. Hence, their website will tell you more about their products.

Which are These Vitamin Brands?

1.Nature Made

This company is owned by Pharmavite Company. Nature Made is known to provide high-quality products in the USA. So, this is an interesting factor that has made it win the hearts of customers and thrive in the market. What’s more, this vitamin brand has the largest number of verified products.

So, having verified products means they have been inspected by various government agencies after meeting all the requirements.

Also, the products are safe for consumption since they do not contain harmful substances. For instance, their products contain a list of ingredients on the labels. Hence, this is an important factor that ensures that customers see and understand the product that they wish to buy.

What are Some of The Vitamins under This Brand?

  • Iron 18 mg Gummies with vitamin
  • Magnesium Citrate Gummies
  • Vitamin D3 Extra Strength 125mcg
  • And Ashwagandha capsule

2.Garden of Life

This is another amazing vitamin brand. What’s more, the company strives to give nothing but the best. The company sells vitamins, protein powder, and Probiotics. What’s more, the brand still focuses on food. The brand is known to put faith in food. Additionally, their vitamin brands are mostly extracted food. You will not get chemicals in their products.

On top of this, the company has a traceable program. In this case, you can be able to know where they get their ingredients. This is something that has given them an upper hand when especially when they are marketing their products.

Additionally, the company works with other stakeholders such as Alicia Silverstone to produce organic brands.

The Vitamins under this company include:

  • Vitamin Code Raw
  • Organic Fit Protein Peanut
  • Probiotics for women

3.Matsun Nutrition

Matsun Company is a private label company. This company believes that people can improve their health through nutrition. So, the vitamin brand does not produce pills. Instead, it focuses on liquid vitamins and supplements. Hence, the company produces vitamin brands that that is ideal for people and also pets. This is beneficial among young children, pets, and the older generation. Therefore, the liquid vitamin is easier to take, unlike regular pills.

Another aspect that Matsun Company has concentrated on is quality. The products have been approved for consumption. For instance, the company has met the required standard such as GMP compliance, and Food and Drug Administration. If you are looking for vitamins that are of high quality, this is a brand you can consider.

What Vitamins Do They offer?

  • Prenatal vitamins for expectant mothers
  • Multivitamins supplements
  • Vitamin A Supplements
  • An energy supplement that boosts your energy

4.Kirkland Signature

This is a private label company. Though you will not get this company in most cities, it provides some of the best vitamins in the world. Some of the vitamin products on their shelf include collagen protein capsules, triple strength omega 3, and daily multivitamins. Additionally, they have a wide variety of products.

Are there other products that you will find in their shelves?

  • Quercetin (1,000mg that has vitamin C)
  • Green Original Lemon and effervescent tablets
  • And Liver cleanse Detox

On top of this, they sell their products at a discounted price. Their vitamins and supplements are aimed at benefiting the customers. What’s more, the company’s products have USP verified marks. So, this signifies that the products are approved by various regulatory bodies. You will enjoy various products sold by this brand.

5.Life Extension Vitamin Brand

This company promotes the ideology that you can prolong your lifespan by using the correct vitamins and supplements. What’s more, the company for close to 40 years has a variety of products which customers can enjoy. Their products are defined in categories that include vitamins beauty personal care and diet lifestyle.

The interesting bit about this company is that a lab testing arm. This enables the customers to buy test kits for specific conditions. For those that have gluten intolerance, this is the place to screen your blood for celiac disease.

The product you will get under this brand

  • Zinc caps
  • Vitamin D3 For potency
  • Resveratrol capsules
  • And Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate


Vitamin brand that are known to produce good products include Nature Made, Garden of life, Matsun Nutrition, Kirkland Signature, and Life Extension. If you want to benefit from the vitamins, ensure that you go for the best.